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Bathroom Remodeling – the perfect job for a handyman

photo of the sink, mirror and fixtures of a virginia beach bathroom remodeling project

Handyman services from Good Odd Jobs can help you transform your bathroom into the elegant surroundings you deserve.

picture of elegant bathroom faucet part of a bathroom remodeling project in Virginia Beach

An elegant fixture does wonders for what can be a 'borning' room. Good Odd Jobs does the "dirty" work... climbing under the sink to make it all happen.

a photo of handyman matthew good in a bathroom he remodeled

Matthew Good poses in the completed bathroom remodel project.

More Good Odd Jobs Projects

What kind of projects can a handyman do? Matthew Good has a variety of experience. The easiest way to find out if he can help you with a particular job is to call him at (757) 375-1277.

We’ve showcased a variety of projects from the surrounding cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk & Portsmouth on this web site to give you an idea of what kind of work a handyman can do. Here are a few others:

Hanging a cornice:

Installing a custom mantle:

Installing glass blocks in a wall between rooms:

Bike Rack Installation

Handyman services aren’t just for repairs and decorative projects; you can use a handyman to help with some of the utilitarian projects like hanging storage shelves, bike racks, etc.

Here is a project Matthew Good completed so that the homeowner could keep her bicycle out of the way, yet be able to access it easily when she needed it.

This crank is used easily by the homeowner to raise and lower the bicycle safely.

matthew good and bike rack

matthew good poses by the hanging bicycle after he installed a bike rack with a pully system for the homeowner.

Exterior Trim Repair

Another handyman project typical for the Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area: repairing wood that has decayed due to exposure to the elements.

Kitchen Remodeling

The devil is in the details, and this kitchen remodeling project just shines with details: embossed tin backsplash, premium fixtures, tile and paint.

photo of elegant kitchen remodel handyman project

The antiqued tin backsplash adds flair and completes the look in the kitchen handyman project.

photo of the backsplash with antique collectibles

Just look how the antiqued tin backsplash showcases the homeowners collectible accessories.

Matthew Good poses in the finished kitchen remodeling project.

Matthew Good poses in the finished kitchen remodeling project.

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